I think that parental control is so actual question for people who buy router for their houses. That instruction would teach you how to set up parental control for routers from Asus company. For example we use Asus RT- N18U. If you have different model, it’s not really probably because settings are same. Maybe there are some troubles with getting in web page interface. Some models has they own IP address to get in router’s settings. Here you can see all addresses which Asus uses:

Firstly, we need to understand what mean parental control and what functions it include. That function allows you to restrict access in the Internet for each devices. You can set time limit. There are a lot of gadgets are connected to your router (personal computers, smatphones, laptops, tablets). Maybe one of them is your child smatphone. So you can set time limit and your child will use the Internet only in specify period of time. For example: you can permit the Internet for day period, but after ten o’clock at evening it will be banned.

Internet addiction is so popular disease in our age. Not only children have problems with new technologies. Parental control afford people to control period of time which kids can be in the Internet. It’s really necessary function for parents who want to control their children‘s internet surfing.

Parental control configuration for Asus routers.

Open you router’s settings by typing in browser. 192.168.l.l is a web page interface IP address. All configuration process required to use this page. Full address is look like Then you need to find “parental control”. Switch it on if it’s switched off. If there are some time zone differences, set up right time zone settings and save al progress.

Return to “parental control”. There are shouldn’t be messages about wrong time zone.

We need to add device for what we want to set control. Just choose device if it is connected to router or was connected. Also you can write MAC address manually.


Added client will showed below in list. Click “accept”. You can delete it or set time. Press button “Edit” to edit access time to the Internet.

There will be table with time of day and days of week. You just need to choose and select time when you want to permit access to the Internet. You can set time settings so that the Internet on device works for example only during aday.

Click “Ok”. Parental control will star to work on device which you adde in list. You could use internet only in time which you specified. You can add new gadgets and set a schedule for them or dele devices from list.

If you have default password and username to get in your router’s web interface, advise you to change it by using instructions which you can find in the Internet.

You can use this method as a punishment for your naughty kids or for other people who don’t want to hear your orders. There are a lot of ways how to use it, but it’s not my work to imagine about this.